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Wattle Hurdles

Garden fence made of 6ft by 6ft hurdles

Wattle hurdles make an extremely attractive addition to your garden, with their hand-made rustic appearance. They are equally appealing as a boundary fence or when used within the garden. They make a beautiful screen to mask heating-oil tanks and compost heaps.

Wattle hurdles are particularly suitable as a fence to stand next to a newly planted hedge because the wattle lets some light and air through.

Our hurdles are made in the traditional way with no nails, screws or adhesives. The weave holds the hurdle together with many rods being twisted and bent around at the ends to be woven back.

The wattle hurdle is made from hazel wood that is green (freshly cut). It is woven from rods that have been split by hand. Splitting gives a much stronger product than sawing because it follows the natural grain of the wood rather than cutting through it.

Standard sizes for hurdles are:

  • 3 feet high x 6 feet wide
  • 4 feet high x 6 feet wide
  • 5 feet high x 6 feet wide
  • 6 feet high x 6 feet wide

We can also make hurdles to your specified dimensions, height up to 6 feet and any width from 3 feet to 6 feet in increments of 9 inches (the distance between the uprights.)

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